Our choice

To value and to broadcast a nectar, that was at risk of extinction: the Moscato di Saracena.

Keeper of a centuries-old local and family tradition, I, Luigi Viola, a retired primary school teacher, have always been keen on nature and farming, after more than 35 years of teaching, I decided to fully concentrate my energies on saving, valuing and broadcasting a nectar, that was at risk of extinction, the Moscato di Saracena.

Involving the entire family: my wife Margherita and my three sons Roberto, Alessandro and Claudio, to whom I passed on my passion and love for our Land. I have increased the production of this meditation wine, that, once it has been proposed to the public and the experts in the field, has immediately achieved a great success.

Over time I have increased the product range always focusing on quality, authenticity and elegance using local vines such as Magliocco dolce, Guarnaccia, Malvasia and Mantonico. The thing that was born from a bet became for us all an enjoyable and stimulating work, that allowed us to connect with very fascinating people, environments and circumstances.