The Vineyards In the national park of Pollino vineyards put on the scents of this amazing territory.

  • Our vineyards are located in the territory of Saracena, in the Rinni district 350 m above sea level, with such exposure that it receives the sun's rays from the sunrise to the sunset. To the East- South East they face the Sibari plain and the Ionian sea, catching the mild currents, while to the North they are protected from the cold winds of the Pollino chain.

  • All of this creates a microclimate with a considerable temperature range that allows the grapes to reach a high confluence of scents. In our vineyards we grow local grapes such as Magliocco dolce, Moscatello di Saracena, Guarnaccia bianca, Malvasia, Mantonico and “Adduroca”, a dialect word that means "perfumed, scented".

  • We use the spurred cordon rearing system with a planting distance of 1m x 2,20m. Ours is an organic farming with Bioagricert certification. In the last years we are saving some sapling old vineyards and we are getting a high quality type of grape, so that they're not