Passion, tradition, uniqueness.. Memory of unique feelings, dressed in antiques. The result of a long family tradition, treasured in the glass with the sound of good memories.

  • Passion

    Our wines are the result of a laborious and passionate effort which starts in the vineyard and continues in the cellar. We work with devotion day by day taking care of our products with the care of who knows how to love.

  • Tradition

    As guardians of a centuries-old tradition, we use all our experience with the purpose of making our wines unique for their scent and aromas, without losing sight of innovation and experimentation..

  • Uniqueness

    We exclusively produce wines from native vines, especially the Moscato Passito of Saracena, unique because of its vinification method and because it has been exclusively produced in our local area for centuries, so that it is rated as one of the best sweet wines in the world for its organoleptics properties. One of the few wines that is a Slow Food Presidium.

Our Moscato Passito

In 1999 Luigi Viola, really interested in nature and farming, decided to market the Moscato di Saracena to let the general public know it. Passito was renowned since the XVI century, when it was on the table of the Roman pontiffs, it was mentioned in various enology treatises of the ‘800 and received different prizes, in the last decades the Moscato of Saracena was at risk of disappearing from the popular traditions of the little town of Saracena (Calabria). The passion of the Viola family permitted to avoid not just the extinction of this sophisticated and meditation wine, but also the loss of the particular vinification procedure that makes this a unique meditation wine among the Passiti in the world.

Francesco Mazzei on The Wine Show!